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Disclaimer: OEM bed bolts that are covered in bed liner will need to be cut around the flange/washer to remove. Rest assured, RailTrax will cover the exposed bed when installed.

- No modification to the vehicle required (no cutting, drilling, bending ect.)
- Includes (4) single stud L-series tie down fittings (additional tie down fittings available for purchase).
- Replaces factory bed bolt and secures directly to the frame of the vehicle.
- Torx Plus 50 (TP50) 3/8" drive bit included for install.
- Install in < 3 min with minimal tools.
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The all new VersaTrax RailTrax v2 Bed Rails are CONSTRUCTED OF AIRCRAFT GRADE 7075-T6 ALUMINUM which is substantially stronger than 6061-T6 aluminum found in most L-series track sold today.  It is necessary to utilize 7075-T6 in our design as it provides 2x the tensile strength of 6061-T6 allowing the bed rails to remain FULLY RECESSED WITHIN THE BED, even under the heaviest loads. Each RailTrax Bed Rail is HARD COAT ANNODIZED BLACK to add a more durable lasting finish that will withstand the elements and match the factory color of your bed.

The all new RailTrax v2 design allows cargo to effortlessly slide over the rails without snagging your cargo. This is due to RailTrax's slim design and allowing the rails to remain recessed within the bed ridges of the bed. Additionally, our new RailTrax design incorpertes TWO PARACORD TIE DOWN POINTS ON EACH RAIL. When used, this provides a true 49" seperation between anchor points on each rail, allowing for 4'x8' plywood, drywall, etc. to be tie downed securely to your bed.

RailTrax Bed Rails BOLT DIRECTLY TO THE FRAME of your truck utilizing the factory bed mounting holes and threads within the frame of the truck. This not only provides a quick installation process, but gives you the assurance that RailTrax will be your most secure and versatile tie down on the truck.

Each RailTrax Bed Rail features 11-ANCHOR POINTS EVERY 1-INCH INTERVAL. Anchor in your cargo with multiple L-series tie down anchors or paracord and secure even the most awkward and unwieldy loads with ease.

INSTALL IS A BREEZE. Simply remove your factory bed bolts and install the VersaTrax - RailTrax Bed Rails and OEM spec high stregth bolts.

That's it! Oh, and it's GUARANTEED FOR LIFE. If you break it we will send you a replacement for free (terms and conditions apply/see warranty policy).


Working Load Limit:

250-500 lb. (position dependent)


Base Width: 1.25" (overall)

Height: 12mm / 0.472 in

Mounting Bolts:

Each RailTrax Bed Rail will include (2) OEM specification replacement bolts in 4340 chomoly steel coated in a zinc nickel protected coating. A TP50 (Torx Plus 50) bit internal drive is required for installation (included in order).


RailTrax Bed Rails mount in the rear bed of the 2022+ Tundra

Install Instructions

Socket Wrench

TP50 (Torx Plus 50) Bit (inlcuded in order)

T55 torx bit for removal of OEM bed bolts.


Torque wrench (lb/ft).

Installation Steps:


Additional Information

Bed alignment may be required if your threads are not centered within the bed bolt slots. Simply loosen all the bed bolts on your bed and adjust the bed to allow the RailTrax bolts to align properly.

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