L-Series Track Fittings

Fitting Type

From $10.00

A classic O-ring design makes each L-Track stud fitting for your VersaTrax L-series bed anchors extremely versatile. The single, double, or triple stud mechanism locks into the holes on OneTrax or RailTrax for a secure fit. Great for use with tie down straps, bungee cords, rubber tie down straps, and more. The double and triple stud fitting are heavy-duty metal and are finished with a protective zinc coating.

Installation is easy. To slide into place: lift the end clip and insert the two bottom discs into the track slots. Slide until it's halfway between two slots and release the clip to lock the fitting in place. 

Working Load Limit (WLL):

Single Stud Fitting: 1,000 lb. 

Double Stud Fitting w/ O-Rng: 1,666 lb. 

Triple Stud Wide Mouth Fitting: 1,666 lb.

*** Overall WLL is limited to 1,000 lb. due to OneTrax and RailTrax strength limitations ***